Keto &…..College?

Keto & college, two words that just don’t seem to add up. People think of the “freshman fifteen,” eating Taco Bell, McDonald’s, pizza, beer, and cookies when they think of a college diet. Well, they say life is what you make it and college is no exception. I have had my fair share of the Taco Bell, pizza, cookies, etc. but changing my lifestyle has made all the difference.

Freshman year of college I ate dining hall food, Starbucks, Chic-fil-a, and Subway EVERY.DAY. In between those meals, I ate easy mac, candies, and all the other typical college snacks. I felt horrible after almost every meal, although I wasn’t really gaining too much weight (probably from all the walking). My roommate and I decided to change our eating and workout habits. We went to the grocery store and got carrots, celery, and other much healthier snacks. We also made it a point to go to the gym everyday/every other day. This is where my journey began.

Sophomore year I began to workout as a stress reliever, and Zaxby’s grilled cobb salad became my go to “fast food” meal. I had a rough time learning to cook for just one, and my roommates didn’t eat the same way I did. I mastered eating out while eating “healthy-ish.” I ate Panera Bread, Zaxby’s, and McAlister’s Deli quite frequently. I wasn’t gaining, and I wasn’t losing tons of weight.

Fast-forward to junior year, and here we are. I am now in the keto lifestyle (not diet) full swing. I limit my carbs, increase my fat, and definitely keep an eye on my protein intake. Beginning the diet was not as hard for me as it was for others, because I started right before moving into school. Having my own pantry that doesn’t consist of my little brother’s gummy snacks, brownies, and tons of bread for sandwiches has made so much difference. I shop for only what I can/am going to eat. I plan out my dinners at the beginning of every week. This helps with the grocery shopping as well as having a busy college student schedule. I now cook almost all of my meals at home, and allow for eating out once a week (typically my holy grail cobb salad). Eating one meal out a week gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week. I push hard all week on my diet and keep my mind in check. At the end of the week, I get cooking relief as well as having my meal out. Although the meal is technically not a cheat meal, it is different than my typical at home meals.

Preparation is key with any diet/lifestyle change. I typically go grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon, after I have planned all my meals for the week. I LOVE to try new recipes, so I make sure I have all of the ingredients I will need for the week all in one trip. This saves time and money! I drink tons of water (I am for 90-100oz per day). This is no problem with all of the walking college students do, especially with this Carolina heat!

For breakfast, I typically have a keto shake (Ketologic Keto Meal in Strawberry) which is actually amazing. It already has all of the macros laid out in the keto way (high fat, medium protein, and very little carb). This definitely helps in the busy mornings of college students (and most Americans). This shake is not like other protein powders that never dissolve in the water like they say they do. The formula is seamless.

For lunch, I typically eat at home. It usually consists of leftover meat from dinner the night before mixed with some veggies, and maybe a fat bomb. Dinner consists of chicken or beef, low carb vegetable, and a source of fat. Having a routine helps with consistency in both eating habits and weight loss.

Being in college and being keto definitely has its ups and downs, but is definitely worth it!!



Why I Chose to Blog


As a college student, life is constantly changing. Classes, roommates, schedules, seasons. Everything changes. This time of life is where you come to a crossroads. Do I continue to put my all into my classes? Will I have time to volunteer? How can I stay healthy in college? How can I spend time with the Lord if I don’t go to church in the same town I go to school? Do I have time for a job? How can I build my resume?

I often struggle with these questions in the back of my mind. My answer is always found through my faith. My God reminds me that I am capable of everything he puts in my path. He reminds me that I AM strong enough to handle it all, and I WILL get through it if I trust in him. P R A Y E R. Lots of prayers, lots of love, lots of trust. He will get you through the stress, through the tears, through the joy.

I find myself wondering how can I go to class, get my homework done, stay healthy, have a social life, and volunteer my time to help others? I have found myself putting staying healthy on the back burner. Not anymore. I took charge of my life, took charge of my health. Health is the most important thing you have. If you do not have health, you do not have anything. I have learned to put myself and my health first (seems selfish, I know). Being “fit” does not just mean having an in shape body, it means having an in shape mind, having your emotions in check, and having a sound body as a whole. I have completely changed my eating habits, exercise patterns, and lifestyle as a whole. Setting some time away everyday for yourself will completely change your life, trust me!

Blogging has become something that I have seen more and more people taking interest in. It allows you to share your thoughts, feelings, and anything else you need to let out. It can be anonymous, or you can advertise who you are. It gives you that feeling of relief when you write down things that have been bothering you day-to-day but you have yet to express. Blogging allows you to get your opinions, experiences, and anything else you have to say out there. Blogging will help me track my lifestyle, relieve stress, and connect with others!

Put together your faith in the Lord, your faith in yourself, and your faith in the world and see what this life has in store for you 🙂